Royal LePage Commercial Agents & Contractors

What makes our company and staff unique and what makes us so proud to be a part of it is that we offer both commercial contracting services in addition to our commercial real estate services. Our contractors are some of the best in the business and have worked in the industry for their entire professional careers. We don’t hire just anyone here at Royal LePage, we only take on those who have gained the experience in commercial buildings that will meet any and all of your needs!

The majority of our contractors started working and providing residential services at the beginning of their careers and have slowly worked their way up once they have proved themselves worthy. Any commercial building is a much larger and more difficult task to take on than a residential home and our guys have perfected their craft!


Roof Repairs

The roof of your business is the main force of protection against weather and other damaging circumstances. Unfortunately, these weather prevention tips for your home won’t quite cut it for a commercial building. This is a huge investment and decision for any business owner to make and we make sure that your money is well spent! In addition to our inventory, a number of our staff members work side by side with some of the most professional teams of contractors in the country including roofing companies in O’Fallon, Missouri as seen here and others we have mentioned. As we continue to build our company up, you will begin to see larger partnerships being made and more inventory for you to choose from!

Our team of guys have worked with buildings of all shapes and sizes and we keep our roofing supply and inventory stacked with some of the toughest brands out there. It is only when you pair this kind of quality with roofers of our caliber that you are left with a roof that looks brand new!

Plumbing & Electrical

As we stated above, the plumbing and electrical of any commercial building is much more complicated and difficult to manage than that of a residential home. No matter how big or how small your building is, we have the team of guys that can handle them all.

We provide free estimates for any of our commercial services and our prices are fair and honest. No hidden fees or obligations if you decide to go with us and that is a guarantee! Our inventory is simply too large to list here on our website so make sure to send us an email to set up a free consultation and more information!