Royal LePage Commercial Agents & Contractors

We have a lot of pride here at Royal LePage for a number of different reasons. For one, we like to consider ourselves one of the most honest and friendly team of contractors and agents both respective industries. Both our agents and our contractors started their careers from the bottom and have worked their ways up to our company. Commercial real estate and contracting is much more sophisticated and complicated than residential services and it takes more than your every day agent or roofer to be a part of our team.

Our commercial real estate agents are among the most professional in the business and work harder than any other team out there. There is not another group of agents who work harder to get you that dream office for the best deal possible. We ensure that every penny you spend will be a worthy investment and help transform your business into what you have always dreamed of! As we have said before, we work with you as much or as little as you would like and keep you up to speed during the entire process. Sometimes you want your privacy and would prefer we take care of all of the work behind the scenes while on the other hand you may want to know about our progress every day and as soon as we make any. Whichever way you would prefer is A-OK with us!

Our commercial contractors are just like our agents in that they began their careers and gained experience working for residential companies before being able to take on the commercial services that we offer. Only those who have the portfolio and knowledge it takes to put on our uniform are brought on board and we made sure to put together a team that you can trust!